The fourth Sunday, everything is 30% off the whole store

It’s hard to keep track of the sales at the marijuana dispensary.

I think they do that on purpose so they don’t have to sell as multiple items on sale.

I have to check the website frequently to make sure that I am common about the nights when items are on sale… Every month on the fourth Sunday, everything in the store is 30% off. That sale includes all of the sale plus clearance items too. The 30% sale is a great deal, because the savings covers all of the state, local, plus excise taxes. Taxes on recreational marijuana products are steep. Of course, my pal and I still have much lower prices than people that live in states with only medical marijuana legalized. I personally think that marijuana should be legalized for everyone to use. It really doesn’t have any downside side effects. If it does, I’d say they are no worse than alcohol or tobacco. On the 4th Sunday of the month, I stock up on all of my preferred cannabis concentrates. I smoked weed when I was younger, but now that I am an adult plus seasoned smoker, I vape marijuana, and vaping is just as nice as smoking, but it really doesn’t hurt your lungs as exhausting plus I don’t cough as frequently, and concentrates are also much cheaper when it comes to the price per gram plus per smoking session. One gram of weed lasts about an hour, but a gram of concentrate lasts me three nights, and you cannot go wrong purchasing concentrates like badder, shatter, or wax.
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