Smoking cannabis sure does increase my appetite

Some of the side effects of marijuana include a speedy heart rate, headaches, dry mouth, plus increased appetite.

I pretty much always get the munchies when I smoke marijuana, and my appetite is severely increased when I smoke marijuana plus I recognize I eat even more if I have a couple of edibles.

My friends plus I were hanging out at my beach property on Wednesday night. I made some pasta for dinner plus all the people seemed to love it a great deal… There was no pasta or salad left at the end of the night. My friends ate every single one of the brownies that I made as well. They were actually disappointed that I did not put cannabis butter in the brownies, although I came to realize that my buddy and I were going to smoke a lot plus I did not want to overdo it in the least. I genuinely get the munchies when I choose to smoke marijuana. My friends plus I smoked a lot that night, and after my buddy and I ate dinner, my buddy and I went through a quarter ounce of marijuana while my buddy and I enjoyed video games plus listened to tunes. Around 11:00, my neighbor Joey said he was pretty hungry. My nice friend and I ate all the pasta, so there wasn’t anything left to eat to be honest. One guy said my buddy and I should get pizza plus I was actually thinking that was a pretty nice idea. My nice friend and I ordered a couple of pies from a place near me. The pizza delivery shop delivered a couple of pepperoni plus ham pizzas plus an order of wings plus a 2 liter bottle of soda on top of that. Delivery was pretty speedy too, so my friends plus I made sure to tip the guy especially well.


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