Kit started growing cannabis plants

My friend Kit started growing weed as a activity back during the big COVID quarantine.

I have known Kit for a long time, & she never does anything halfway.

When she starts a new activity she puts everything she has into being the best at it. When it came to growing plants, it seems that Kit’s pfortune & perseverance weren’t enough at first. She did not have a way with horticulture! And yet she kept trying. I remember the first time she completed a harvest of her cannabis plants, & invited me over to sample the results. It was terrible! This marijuana was weak, tasted terrible, & was chock full of seeds & stems. My buddy and I had a laugh about it, however then Kit said she was going to keep trying, until she figured out how to grow the best cannabis. That was about two years ago, roughly, & Kit is still laboring on her marijuana plants. I am pleased to say that she has made sizable improvements in her growing techniques, thanks in no small part to advice from the local cannabis dispensary. The expert budtenders sold her a good handbook about cannabis cultivation, and special soil & grow lights she could use. With her new info, & a lot of patience, Kit was finally able to grow some legit cannabis plants. My buddy and I sampled her latest harvest, & it was actually the best yet. Perhaps not on the level of Orange Kush or Purple Haze, however still a entirely tasty sativa strain that got us both entirely stoned.

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