The candy pieces had a lot of THC

One of my friends decided to make hard candy for the first time. She invited me over to her house on Saturday so we could try to make hard candy together. She had all of the necessary ingredients that we needed to make the candy. She had food coloring and flavoring, sugar, water, and light corn syrup. When the light corn syrup heats up, it caramelizes and causes the sugar to get hard. When the candy reaches a specific temperature, it gets to a place that is called the hard crack stage and that is when candy is formed. My friend also had a distillate syringe that had banana OG marijuana. She used the entire 1000 mg syringe to make the candy. When we were done with the project, there were a lot of pieces of candy left over. I cleaned out the bottom of the container and put all of the small candy pieces in a bag. I took the bag of candy pieces and shards home with me. Some of the items look like glass. Candy pieces had a lot of thc. Even when I popped a couple of pieces into my mouth, I still got high. My friend kept all of the pieces of candy that looked good, but I still got a whole bag of parts and pieces that were filled with banana OG. I had a lot of fun making candy with my friend. I would like to learn how to make brownies using marijuana too. I think they could be a fun and interesting party treat at New Years.

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