I thought medical marijuana would be cheaper.

The parent contractor discounted all of the high CBD products but the two of us obtained a pain cream from our budtender that he said was going to work just as well as the stuff that we had in the past.

Steven was unapologetic and there was no way that they could get any of the marijuana products after the contractor discontinued them.

Honestly I’m not sure exactly what I expected, but the two of us were watching no one and they didn’t seem very busy at all. When we finally got help as well as information, the first thing I wanted to do was discuss the problem with the pharmacist. The head person at the cannabis shop recommended many different marijuana products that were clearanced at this moment. I was easily happy to hear that these products were on sale and I love to be able to save some cash. The two of us were happy to hear that marijuana products were going to be on sale. We officially added a couple of the medical products and the prices were still usual. The two of us picked up many products as well as thought about the prices in our head. The two of us only had a little bit of cash as well as believed that products would be found to be cheaper. It seemed it was cheaper to obtain recreational marijuana products from someone on the street then to actually buy them from the medical dispensary. Insurance should absolutely cover some of these horrific expenses



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