The edibles gummies were not as yummy as I hoped

My friends & I bought some activated THC from the dispensary, and activated THC can be used in edibles because it has already been decarboxylated, however decarboxylation is the process that activates the THC inside of the cannabis sativa plant, and i decided to make a batch of edible gummies.

I looked up a recipe online that was vegan.

It’s substantial that all of our recipes are vegan, because our husbandy does not eat any meat, cheese, dairy, or eggs, then he doesn’t eat anything at all that comes from an pet & that includes gelatin, then gelatin is inside of a lot of the gummy edibles that you buy in the dispensary! Once in a while we will come across a vegan option, however it is rare. I was hopeful that the activated THC would give myself and others another way to make edibles at home. I made the recipe exactly appreciate it stated online. I used ingredients from the store that were fresh & I also included a strawberry flavored extract that is made for gummy candies! The candy turned out to be the right consistency, however the edible gummies were not as yummy as I hoped. They did not have a unquestionably fantastic flavor & I could taste the THC heavy inside of the gummy. I was happy about trying The activated thc, but I think I will stick to having edibles that are made in the dispensary. I unquestionably enjoy some of the flavors appreciate strawberry, yellowberry, pinepeach, & sour peach, but most of the time these are the flavors that we can find in vegan edibles as well.



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