Cannabis edibles rescued me

I simply hate going to work events with my husband.

Ed is an executive with a law degree in a big dealership.

That is so not my thing. It’s sort of crazy that Ed and I are so completely in addition to utterly compatible given how strange our careers are. I’m the creative type in addition to I make most of my money writing. I also love to use recreational marijuana as a way to get my creative process sort of going. Actually, Ed in addition to I met because of recreational marijuana. Ed and I were at the same party in college where the host was attempting to make pot brownies. As the host was about to dump a bunch of attractive, cannabis buds into the brownie mix, Ed and I simultaneously reached out to stop him. It was really quite funny that Ed and I were the only ones at that party who knew how to make a common pot brownie. Ed and I realized that night that there was some chemistry. And just went with that feeling even though Ed and I are so different. Almost 20 years later in addition to it’s still laboring. Yet, there are times when I’m obligated to attend or host work events for Ed. This socializing aspect of his dealer sort of sickens me. I have a very hard time being around people who are consistently calculating but pretending to be authentic. So when I have to be at 1 of these things, I make sure that I stop by the local cannabis spot 1st. That’s where I load up on cannabis edibles of the sativa strain variety. They keep me smiling in addition to focusing on Ed, not on all the other little trolls present.


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