I love getting my cannabis dispensary products delivered

I love getting home delivery from the grocery store, even if I have to pay a monthly subscription to do it.

It ends up meaning that much and not wasting time going from aisle to aisle.

I also save on the gasoline it would take to go to the store in the first place. The only thing that really made it a problem for me was when I wouldn’t be able to get my order delivered to my house the day I would make it. If I really needed the items from the store that day, it would be a big deal if I had to wait 24 hours and I wasn’t warned until the last minute. That’s ultimately what made me quit doing home delivery from the grocery store. There were too many missed deliveries and I just couldn’t deal with that inconvenience in my life anymore. I’m happy that getting delivery from the cannabis dispensary is a lot easier. I don’t get missed deliveries and they’re always on time. I get a tracking link in the morning before they leave the main central delivery hub and it gives me an estimate on when I should expect the cannabis delivery driver to show up at my door. And as long as my order of cannabis products is over $75, I don’t have to pay any delivery fees with the cannabis delivery service. This is a really convenient way to get cannabis products and avoid having to drive to the dispensary and waste gasoline in the process. I also don’t have to wait in the lobby at the cannabis dispensary like I do in other locations.

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