Which Medical Cannabis Strain Should You Use?

Selecting the optimal medical cannabis strain for your needs is an exact science.

  • Depending on the individual’s health condition and the recommended time between doses, one strain of cannabis may be more effective than another.

Medical marijuana dispensaries typically stock a wide variety of sativas, indicas, and hybrids for their customers. Have you decided which option best suits you? Cannabis sativa is widely regarded as the most energizing strain available…. People who would rather take their medication in the morning are the most likely to choose this option. Because of their ability to temporarily increase concentration, sativa strains are frequently referred to as “productivity strains.” Many people associate the upbeat, productive effects of Sativa strains with the daytime. Those in search of sedative effects and a better night’s sleep often turn to Indica. The ratio of CBD to THC in this strain is typically quite high. The sedative effects of this strain make it appealing to those seeking pain relief. Possible nausea relief from indicas. While indicas are the go-to for many people looking to unwind before bedtime, there are three main types of hybrids to choose from if you’re in the market. You can find indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, and balanced strains. THC levels are typically higher in hybrid-labeled strains. If you want a tincture with an even split of CBD and THC, look for a 50/50 blend. The “best of both worlds” can be found in a hybrid, which is why it is so popular. This means that farmers are selectively cultivating these strains for very specific reasons. Hybrids are a favorite among those in the medical marijuana market. Full-spectrum medicinal benefits are available from hybrid strains.


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