My husband and I went to a medical marijuana dispensary

Last weekend, my husband Todd and I decided that we were going to go out of town together for the weekend just to get away and do something fun together for a change. We both work a lot and it seems like we are always busy with work or the kids or with the house or something like that. We don’t get to go away together very often, that’s for sure. This time, we just decided that we were going to plan a spur of the moment trip and do something that was very spontaneous. We wanted to relax for the entire weekend and just have fun together. While we were there, we just happened to notice that a couple of streets down from our hotel there was a medical marijuana dispensary. We both have had our medical marijuana cards for years, and so we decided that we would go to the little dispensary so that we could check it out and see what kinds of new products had become available recently. We had not been into a dispensary in quite some time and so we had a really good time looking at all of the different types of medical marijuana products that were there. This particular marijuana dispensary definitely stocked all kinds of marijuana products, that’s for sure. We had never seen so many different types of products and they had a huge selection of lots of different edibles, too. Edibles are Todd’s favorite! We ended up spending a whole lot of money at the medical marijuana dispensary, so I guess it’s a good thing we don’t go out of town all that much.

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