The pineapple edibles were tight, bro

One of my favorite edibles was the pineapple flavored brand.

My friend Gus and I went to a lot of unusual sites last Thursday when everything at the cannabis dispensary near us was for sale… Every single dispensary had a pretty big sale due to the fact that it was 420, or April 20th. All of the marijuana shops were giving away something for free. Some sites were giving away blunts and pre-rolls and other sites were giving away bigger items such as t-shirts, hats, pins, and bags. Gus and I were at a crucial sale in the morning and they had a lot of doorbuster deals. Gus was able to buy a gram of diamond infused top shelf marijuana flower for $1 and marijuana cartridges, two bags of edibles, and six infused pre-rolls. All of the items were only $1 apiece because my friends and I were the first 50 people through the door. We waited in long lines at a lot of unusual sites that morning and my pal and I got a lot of free stuff. I ended up getting a whole bag that was filled with unusual types of edibles. One of my favorite edibles was the pineapple flavored brand. I had redberry, green, pineapple, and mango. I really liked the redberry flavored ones, however these pineapple marijuana edibles were absolutely the most flavorful out of all of the unusual ones. I do not know if I could actually buy those products at the store, though, because they are properly priced at 25 dollars, which is a crucial amount of currency for edibles. They taste really amazing, however that is a little bit out of my price range.


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