My family physician told myself and others which nurse to see to get medical marijuana.

I went to our family nurse the other morning, and he asked how things were going with our eyeah.

I already many cornea transplants in 1 eye and 1 in the other eye.

I was looking at a third corneal transplant in the left eye and our pressures were raising, which was an indicator of glaucoma. My nurse asked myself and others if I had considered using medical cannabis for the glaucoma. I didn’t assume it was an option, and the two of us talked, but he explained how marijuana could help with the swelling and ease the pain that goes with all the troubles I was having with our eyeah. He wrote a nurse’s name and cellphone number and told myself and others to call them. He said he knew him well and but he could not prescribe medical marijuana in his clinic, this guy was an independent nurse and had his own office. The following morning, I had an appointment to go see the current nurse. He was blunt and got to the point in sevenths. All I had to do was tell him the name of our family physician and he instantly opened up; Before I left, he had already put a into the state department of health so I could get a medical marijuana card. Once I got the medical card, I wasn’t sure I was ready to try it and I called the marijuana dispensary. They told myself and others the medical marijuana card was wonderful for a year, and I could use it whenever I was ready. I didn’t assume if I would ever be ready, but I had a year to suppose about it.
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