The cannabis shop has good sales

The end of the week always has the biggest sales, so I go to the marijuana dispensary near me on Tuesdays.

Many of my idiot friends do not wait, because they want to go to the dispensary on payday. Payday is on Thursday afternoon. I ensure that I have enough weed to get me through the next Tuesday when everything at the store is 30% off. On Tuesday there are tons of good sales. This week I was stoked to see a lot of top shelf marijuana strains in the items for sale. I also had the opportunity to pick up some really potent edibles. Most of the time edibles are too extravagant, although I picked up numerous packages of 1000 mg edibles for only $50 each and that was including tax. My friends didn’t save 30% on any of the items that they purchased, because they simply couldn’t wait. I try to wait anytime I can to get a good deal because saving currency is pressing for me. I also wait to buy all of my Christmas gifts until there is a Black Thursday sale. I always buy things on Black Thursday or I wait until cyber Sunday. I never pay full retail price for anything unless it is honestly necessary. I do not mind waiting a couple of weeks or a couple of months to ensure that I will get the best bargains, then last year I wanted a bicycle so I waited and waited and the item finally went on clearance and I ended up saving $300 off the retail price. It can really pay off to be patient.



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