Medical marijuana products come in different strengths

I had a feeling that my partner really did not understand much of what I was going through as well as I did not believe that they understood much about medical marijuana products.

The two of us did not think that any of them had ever used marijuana products.

It’s something you have to absolutely do carefully. The two of us were learning all of the labels as well as looking at each and every one of the marijuana products. Every one of the marijuana products have a different strength and they all come in different shapes and sizes. There are some products with almost 90% THC. Unfortunately many of these products do not carry cbd. Every one of us wanted to read the labels on these products and then we were going to make a decision. Everyone was forgetting to look at packages and when the two of us got home we realized that we had a 50/50 tincture. Normally we only have a little bit of cbd, but the 50/50 tinctures contained a lot more. I contacted a local dispensary as well as gave them a name for a person as well as described how she was feeling after having all of that THC and I was told that it was no big deal at all as well as a normal feeling to have a mild high and psychoactive effects. It can make the body feel very vulnerable and free or it can make you feel totally and completely paranoid.

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