Medical cannabis patients didn’t used to pay taxes on products

Even though I understand the importance of taxes, I’m like anybody else in the fact that I hate having to pay them.

  • Especially when I’m buying a product that has a lot of sales taxes on it if it’s expensive.

This happened recently with a guitar that I purchased for $1,200 from the music store. That’s a 7% sales tax on a $1,200 instrument; you can imagine how much money that came out to be. At the same time, I realize that we need these taxes, even the sales taxes. They go to funding important programs and social safety nets that affect large portions of the community. We also need some kind of money to pay for the roads and the ambulances, right? When cannabis was legalized in the state in the beginning, it was just medical marijuana. They weren’t taxes on cannabis products and purchases. But now that my stay has both medical canvas and recreational cannabis sales, there are taxes for all cannabis customers. Medical marijuana patients pay fewer taxes than recreational marijuana customers, but it’s only half as much. It’s still a tax that didn’t exist several years ago. I just wish medical marijuana patients and have to pay any taxes on their medical marijuana products. It’s already expensive to buy cannabis, especially when you want to get good quality cannabis flower products or cannabis concentrates. The cheapest products available are the low quality distillate oils that are filled in cannabis vaporizer cartridges. I want to get good quality cannabis flower products when I consume marijuana.

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