My little brother wants to learn about medical marijuana

My little brother, Jamie, really wants to learn all about medical marijuana for some reason or another.

Jamie is a very curious person, and he has almost always been interested in learning about all kinds of things. I think that he is just one of those people who wants to know everything about everything. He told me that since he wants to learn as much as possible about medical marijuana, he is going to try to go to some different cannabis dispensary events that they are going to be offering here and there in our city. I have been seeing all kinds of advertisements for the cannabis events, and I know that he would be able to get a whole lot of good information from them if he just signs up. Many cannabis dispensaries around here in these parts are offering events just so that interested people are able to get all of their cannabis information from one place. I think that a proper cannabis event would be a great place for him to learn about getting his own medical marijuana card, which he really wants to do. He doesn’t want to ask his doctor about getting a medical marijuana card if he doesn’t know all about it first. The people who run medical maririjana dispensaries are always super knowledgeable about just about everything in the cannabis industry, so I know that sending him to one of these events is going to be the right thing to do. I’m sure that before too long, Jamie will know more about medical marijuana than I do!

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