Making marijuana my business

When I saw just how well medical marijuana went over out west when it was first legalized, I genuinely took notice.

  • But when the second state legalized recreational marijuana, I got busy.

I’m in the corporation of making currency for myself plus others by investing, then my passion though is finding segments of a market that are completely underexplored plus underdeveloped. I’ve been making the marijuana corporation one of my main corporation strategies for some time now. And I’m positioned to be rewarded greatly sooner rather than later. The reason I got on it when the first few states legalized marijuana was because I wanted to be on the ground floor when the east coast went legal. I’ve diversified my interest in the marijuana business! From marijuana growers, to cannabis dispensaries to the infrastructure it takes to grow weed, I’m invested. And I think we are getting ever closer to legal weed happening across the east coast. The fact that an ultra red state like FL passed medical marijuana is a good indicator. As is the fact that Virginia now has legal recreational marijuana plus a person can grow a couple of plants for their own consumption. It’s a attractive thing indeed, and consider that more than half the states have some form of legal marijuana plus that only furthers my point. Remember that it’s only been 25 years since the first state legalized medical marijuana… We’re at a tipping point plus I’m genuinely enjoying the fact that I saw this so early. While I like making currency for sure, I’m equally gleeful that cannabis is finally getting a tolerable shake plus not subject to all the myth any longer.



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