Enjoying a mellow thanks to cannabis

Learning how to consistently relax has been something that I’ve been semi trying to do since I was in college. I’m hardwired to be focused and achieving whatever goal I’ve set my sights on. And that’s fine. I’ve been able to enjoy a nice lifestyle thanks to that focus and drive. But thanks to cannabis and the local cannabis spot, I’m now finding my mellow. For the longest time, I would work incessantly until I reached the fruition of a project. And as soon as that project was concluded, I would blow it out by indulging all of my appetites. This cycle ended up with me leaning too much on alcohol for relaxation, if you can even call it that. But these days, I’m going a different direction thanks to sativa strains. Well, I should also add that there are some other hybrid strains of marijuana out there that I’ve also found beneficial. But with most sativa strains, I tend to naturally just let go. It’s as though I really do find the mellow. That sounds sort of stupid but it really does exist. It’s sort of the this space where I ease up and just simply exist. Again, perhaps weird language for someone who is so persistently focused on outcomes. However, those outcomes are often more driven by financial concerns. So it’s essential that I balance my life with just being a person instead of an achiever. With the sativa strains from the marijuana business I most frequent, it’s like flipping a switch. Five minutes after consuming the sativa products, I’m free of all that other stuff which seems just so unimportant all of the sudden.


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