I'm feeling better now that I'm taking cannabis edibles

I was beyond stunned that my healthcare worker told me that I had MS.

This was the last thing on my radar.

For sure, the fact that I was having balance as well as range of motion issues bothered me. Plus, I was finding that I was dealing with spasms in my back, legs as well as feet. Interestingly enough, my wifey ended up coming with me to the healthcare worker that afternoon. I’m not so sure why she did that but I’m absolutely blissful she was there. I was so utterly shocked that I easily couldn’t hear much of what the healthcare worker was attempting to explain. Thankfully, my wifey went right into taking notes mode. Part of the plan was for me to learn how to get a medical marijuana card. And the healthcare worker had given my wifey all the steps that would need to be taken to abide by the cannabis regulations. Along with the meds that I’d be taking, I needed to start treating with cannabis products. My wifey parakeet headlong into understanding all the medical marijuana benefits when it comes to a woman in my condition. I’m so thankful that she did. In the meantime, I started on the other meds as well as found a support group. I was just having a hard time accepting the diagnosis. But that was another medical marijuana benefit for me. I honestly felt as though there was some hope that I could find a current normal. Once I started on the medical cannabis, I was able to get more out of my exercises as well as improve my range of motion as well. It’s been over six months now as well as I have to say that I’m dealing with things a lot better than I thought I’d be. A lot of credit for that goes to the legal weed store.


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