Cannabis can help with your back pain

I absolutely didn’t spend my savings all that much attention to the fact that medical marijuana legislation was truly passed, and but it was & now, I couldn’t be more thankful, then the fact is, medical marijuana has been the solution that I’ve sought for some time now, then my chronic back pain started out innocently enough, i decided to try to get back in shape in my late 40’s as though I was in my 20’s.

That resulted in lots of sore muscles, joints & a cranky back. But as the rest of my body got better with the more I lost weight & got in shape, my back got worse. I turned to my healthcare worker & the merry go round of pills started. This was the worst as I was either so fogged out of my mind or the pills didn’t work at all. I went with the healthcare workers for more than 4 years. But when they started talking about exploratory surgery, I chose to absolutely have a hard look at other, more natural alternatives. That’s what brought me to a series of cannabis events at the legal weed shop, however and it’s here that I began to learn of the medical marijuana benefits for people like me. I learned all about cannabis flower products as well as the cannabis gummies that I now also use, but within just weeks of figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card, I was buying medical cannabis to relieve my chronic back pain. It’s now been six months & my range of motion is remarkable compared to last year. And I’m even getting back to the exercises that will help improve my situation. It’s all thanks to reasonable medical cannabis rules in my state.

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