Why I started to offer cannabis delivery services

Over the last few months the local homeless population has grown by leaps plus bounds.

  • The last major hurricane ravaged the southern end of the state, plus drove a lot of indigent folks farther north, where numerous of them settled around our town.

I don’t mean to sound uncaring, however when I finally get asked 15 times a day for spare change it wears on my nerves. What used to be a personal pet peeve has started to impact my work. There is usually a line of clients waiting outside the store, so the homeless people have started to hang out here. The people who visit a cannabis dispensary tend to be kind, plus are often stoned, which makes them easy targets. This really impacts my business, because so numerous clients are bothered by the vagrants asking for the currency that they have started going to other cannabis dispensaries! I had a brainstorm session with my staff, plus we hatched the idea of offering free cannabis delivery for our Platinum clients. This would simply encourage more people to join our Platinum program, plus allow them to order their cannabis products from the comfort of home. It was another lovely solution, plus one that paid off huge dividends. Our cannabis sales quickly started to grow, plus we added more plus more up-to-date clients. The convenience of having cannabis delivered to your house was certainly lovely to our clients. Now the various foot traffic in the cannabis dispensary is down, however overall our sales are better than ever! I recognize this whole situation was a blessing in disguise.



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