I needed help with the SEO side of owning a business

I am a businessman.

I know how to do the legal side of opening a business like forming an LLC, getting a POS system and handling all the paperwork.

My area allows for both recreational and medical marijuana. However, I noticed nobody was opening a cannabis dispensary. I think a lot of people were scared by the initial upfront cost and all the steps it takes to become a dispensary owner. I wasn’t afraid. I was able to handle each step of the way without a hitch. Now I have a fully formed cannabis dispensary and I have hit a stopping point. I actually don’t know much about cannabis. I found a local grower, I have products on the shelves, but I don’t know how to get people into my store. A friend of mine recommended looking for cannabis dispensary seo services. I couldn’t believe I was going to pay someone to make me a website and social media platforms. After working with the SEO industry I realized why they are so sought after. The web design was so much better than anything I could have ever made. There were multiple pages of content, moving graphics, a place for curbside pick up orders and cannabis delivery orders. The colors were bright, the words clear and the content was all accurate. The SEO business also helps to make the website more visible on google. I don’t know the first thing about search engine marketing. I am glad I hired a professional to target the right keywords in order to make my business show up for people to see I am open.



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