Terpenes like pinene and myrcene can affect flavor

Terpenes are found in lots of different plants.

Terpenes affect the way that a plant can taste or smell. Terpenes are the reason why oranges are acidic, tart, and sweet. Terpenes are the reason why beer has that malted hoppy taste. Terpenes are found all over nature and they can have some pretty important effects on the body. Cannabis products contain more than 100 different types of terpenes. This flavor and scent profile is responsible for 99% of the Cannabis products on the market. Terpenes can’t have many therapeutic benefits. Terpenes can be used to help kill viruses. Terpenes have been shown to decrease some forms of cancer and slow down growth. Terpenes can also be used as an antidepressant. Finally, terpenes can be used for pain relief. There are lots of different types of terpenes. One of the most commonly found cannabis terpenes is myrcene. Myrcene is a terpene that is predominantly found in lemongrass and hops. Myrcene makes a cannabis plant taste spicy, earthy, and musty. Pinene is another terpene that can seriously affect the flavor of a cannabis strain. Pinene has a very earthy and plant taste and aroma. It tastes a lot like pine as the name would suggest. Pinene is one of the main terpenes used in sativa strains to make people stay focused and alert. Pinene also supports creativity and focus. Choosing marijuana strains that are high in terpenes can help our mind and body. If you are unsure about the specifics, ask a budtender to tell you more about the strain you choose.


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