Appreciating medicinal benefits of cannabis

I have had easily great luck with cannabis-infused bath bombs

As I’ve grown older, I’ve begun experiencing all sorts of minor however frustrating health issues. I keep myself in great physical condition by exercising every day and sticking to a healthy diet… However, I’ve noticed that I deal with a lot more aches and pains and injuries take longer to heal, and eight weeks ago, I rolled my ankle. Although the swelling and discoloration has disappeared, I still feel a twinge of pain now and then. My other foot has a concern with my heel. After a workout, it swells and becomes quite sore. Sporadically, my knuckles swell and my fingers become stiff from arthritis. I experience frequent migraine headaches. My head will pound so badly that I get nauseous and need to lie down. I also have trouble sleeping. It’s not unrespected for me to lie in bed for two to three hours trying to fall asleep. I might sleep for a couple of hours, wake up and need to go through the same process again, none of these complaints are serious enough to see a healthcare worker. I am unwilling to risk the side-effects of prescription medications. While I used to consider cannabis strictly for recreational purposes, I now often shop at the dispensary for natural remedies to my numerous ailments. There are strains of cannabis that target relief from chronic pain and inflammation. There are recognizable products geared toward sedative effects. I look for possibilities that are higher in THC than CBD and purchase quite a few topicals. I have had easily great luck with cannabis-infused bath bombs. The dispensary sells bath bombs that include epsom salts, lavender and numerous essential oils that help to soothe tired and sore muscles and relax my whole body.


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