Panic attacks cause me problems when driving

Panic attacks are the body’s natural reaction to stress.

  • Panic attacks can feel like impending doom, however they usually subside within 30 minutes.

Panic attacks are anxiety & anxiety is a natural response when the body feels threatened, but a lot of people have panic attacks when they are in a confrontation or flight response, then i have anxiety & panic attacks all of the time & lately they have been causing me trouble with driving. I don’t know when the problems started, however it’s getting worse! When I get behind the wheel of the car, I freeze up & I can’t drive. I cry & I shake & I feel hot all over my body, however the feeling of worry, stress, & anxiety lasts until I get out of the vehicle. There are some things that I can do to help with the panic attacks. I always eat healthy foods that provide me energy, vitamins, & minerals. I also use medical marijuana from time to time… Medical marijuana can be genuinely helpful when it comes to panic attacks. Medical marijuana can make our body feel more calm & at ease. When I start to feel anxious or busy or upset that I am going to have a panic attack, I use medical marijuana products. I have a vape pen in my motorcar & a couple of marijuana joints. I usually take an edible or two before I get in the motorcar even if I’m not going to be behind the wheel. Whenever I get near a car, I have to medicate with marijuana before going anywhere.
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