I cannot buy anything fancy until the automobile repairs are paid

I was on my way condo from going to see with some friends and it was genuinely dark outside, and i was on a twisty and curvy road and I was going a little faster than the speed limit.

I was enjoying out for deer and other cars, despite the fact that I was also adjusting the dial on the radio and looking at my cellphone.

I ended up in a ditch when I did not realize that the road was about to turn. I tried to official my steering wheel, despite the fact that I slid into the ditch and ended up with a bunch of front end destruction, then one of my friends came to pull myself and others out of the ditch, but the automobile wasn’t going to run; The guys helped myself and others get it back to the condo and after that the two of us looked at all of the destruction. It’s going to cost about $1,720 to repair all of the repairs on the car. I cannot buy anything fancy until all of the automobile repairs are paid for. I have been saving almost every single dollar that I have extra. I have been skimping on all of my recreational marijuana purchases. I usually spend about $200 every 2 weeks on recreational marijuana, but I have had to split that budget in half and buy cheaper products. The cheaper recreational marijuana products don’t taste as superb and I don’t believe they get myself and others as high, but they mean I can save $200 and put that towards the repairs on my car. I cannot drive the automobile until the repairs are paid for, so I’m stuck until they are done.


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