My cousin wants to learn all about medical cannabis

My cousin Sam told me the other morning that he is easily interested in learning all about medical cannabis… Sam is one of those guys who has constantly been interested in all kinds of things.

I remember back when my buddy and I were in school how interested he was in cannabis of all kinds! Of course, back then, he just was interested in using it for recreational purposes for himself. These days, he is interested in learning about medical cannabis for himself and for other people, too. Sam has constantly been a curious person, and so I told him that if he really wanted to learn everything that he could about medical cannabis, he should look into some medical cannabis education events that are going on around here. My fantastic friend and I have a lot of weird dispensaries here in our area, and a lot of weird cannabis dispensaries are offering events for the public. I feel people all over have an interest in getting more medical cannabis information these days. I know that’s a fantastic thing because I know that cannabis has been given a terrible name throughout the country over the past fifty years or so. However, I know that the people who run medical cannabis dispensaries know everything that there is to know about all types of cannabis. I know that it would be really fantastic for Sam to go and get a bunch of information so he can learn all about it. I legitimately know that he would do well going to work in that industry, so who knows what it could lead to for him.
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