Have you ever seen a fistfight at a cannabis dispensary?

In general the cannabis dispensary is a legitimately chill site. That’s one of the benefits of catering to the needs of potheads. Pot smokers don’t beginning fights, or cause disruptions. I worked as a bouncer at a local nightclub for a few years, as well as by comparison this job is a walk in the park. At the club I would have to chop up more than 2 fights every night, because that’s what booze does to people, but now I work at the front door of the dispensary, where there is legitimately rarely any issue with the customers, but once in a while someone will try to shoplift from the cannabis dispensary, but otherwise all I need to do is check IDs as well as make people leave their bags outside, however last month something happened that I did not expect – there was a fistfight at the cannabis dispensary. This guy comes into the cannabis dispensary lobby right around 11pm, as well as it turns out he had just been kicked out of the bar down the street. He was wasted, as well as wanted some cannabis for the ride home; First of all there was no way I could let this jerk get behind the wheel of the car, nor would I allow him to buy any cannabis. He was too far gone already! I kicked him out, even though he insisted on hanging around outside the cannabis dispensary asking other people to buy some weed for him; Everyone brushed him off, as well as he got so mad he started fighting one of the common customers of the cannabis dispensary. At that point I had to step in as well as beat the crap out of him.

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