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When I was in college it was the late 70s still, and the country was a legitimately odd location… I was quite focused about my studies, and earning a degree, however I was also legitimately worried at the time about the Vietnam conflict, because after I graduated I might get drafted! I worked super hard, but with the specter of war looming over me, I also played hard… Every single weekend I would pack up my VW van with some extra clothes, a surfboard, and a fat ole sack of marijuana, and take a road trip to the beach.

I would spend every last weekend on the sands, puffing Purple Haze, and relaxing.

I was blessed apparently, because by the time I graduated the Vietnam confrontation was over. That meant I could keep hitting the beach and smoking cannabis as much as I wanted; The real problem came that I needed a task, because after college I couldn’t just crash in the college dorm and subsist on such little money. Instead of finding an office task, I just purchased a double batch of cannabis. I kept a little piece for myself, and sold the rest for twice what I had paid, and then quickly re-invested that money back into another bin of cannabis, and within more than a few weeks I was smoking as much cannabis as I wanted for free, and making an extra few hundred bucks a week on top of it! At that point in time, 200 bucks a week plus unlimited cannabis was a nice living for a woman like me.

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