Cannabis timekeeping software was a necessity.

I was working on the computer the other week, when the computer system went down. When the cannabis timekeeping software came back up, all the information was gone.

I was in a panic.

I didn’t know when people arrived or left. I didn’t know how many hours they worked that week, and I couldn’t find out the information. I knew I could check the schedule and get an idea of what the timekeeping should read, but I knew it wouldn’t be exact. I was worried about overpaying people at the end of the time, or cheating people out of their pay. I was so worried about the cannabis timekeeping software that I forgot about the other programs. I called the owner of the company and told him our computers had gone down, and it had wiped the software out when the computers came back up. Luckily, this happened overnight, and there was no one in the store. The owner of the company sent a computer specialist to the store, and he was to bring up the information, if possible. Just thinking about losing the cannabis timekeeping software, and wiping out all the hours worked, had me sick to my stomach. The computer specialist told me to relax, or he would call an ambulance. I was ready to go into a panic attack. He said he could handle panic attacks, but if I had a heart attack, he would panic. I laughed and let him go back to work. It took an hour, but he brought up all the cannabis software, and the cannabis timekeeping software was fully operational.
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