Athletic recovery aided by cannabis

It’s true that so many professional athletes use cannabis for recovery from the stress they put on their bodies, but even people like me who have to have a day job to support their professional athletic dreams benefit from marijuana use. I’m just lucky to have gotten on board when medical marijuana was first legalized here. I’m a golfer on satellite tours. Now that I’m closing in on my late 30’s, my opportunity of making the real tour seems to be waning. But that’s okay because I’m not stopping. I’ll keep playing the smaller, satellite tour in hopes I get an exemption here and there, but yet thanks to sativa strains and indica strains, I’m going to stay competitive with my game. I’m only a bit more than 12 years away from being able to play on the senior tour and that would be amazing. I got my medical marijuana card as soon as I could after doing some research on cannabis. I wanted to try the indica and indica dominant hybrids strains for sale to help my recovery. Spending hour after hour on the range pounding golf ball after golf ball takes a toll on my back, knees, hips and ankles. So of course, I’ve constantly been into training, stretching exercises and cardio to help offset what golf takes out of me. But with the cannabis products, I saw an immediate and significant improvement in range of motion. Not only that but I discovered that sativa strains also easily helped me relax and let a poor day on the course evaporate off my shoulders. Thanks to the local cannabis spot, I’ve got a legit chance to last until I’m 50 and then get out there to compete for some real money.

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