My road trip west started at the local cannabis spot

And Ed likes to take a chop from driving plus nibble on a pot brownie during dinner.

This is a trip that my friend Ed and I have been thinking about for ages. And finally, my friend and I have the time, the gear plus the momentum to make it happen. But before my Ed and I started the 1st mile of the first leg of the trip. There were some supplies still left to get. Ed and I had to stop by our cannabis dispensary prior to taking off for the better part of three weeks. Ed plus I are hitting the open road in our truck plus pulling our camper. Ed and I have done cool trips before plus having some OG kush or yellow haze along has regularly made things more fun plus interesting. But Ed and I have never taken a shot at this sort of trip duration. And Ed and I are driving from the east coast to the west coast. Literally, my friend and I will stick our toes in the Atlantic ocean at the beach house on the first afternoon plus then travel all the way to put our feet in the Pacific. It’s going to be awesome. But for sure, I needed to get to the local cannabis spot to get some recreational marijuana to put in our camper. Ed and I live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. But we’ll be traveling through spots where any cannabis is illegal. So we’re being easily careful plus keeping all the cannabis edibles plus hybrid strains carefully stored with our rations in the camper. I savor to alternate who is driving that big truck. And Ed likes to take a chop from driving plus nibble on a pot brownie during dinner. Then, I’m driving the remainder of the afternoon. But there are going to be so various things to explore plus see for the first time. I’m just grateful to be able to purchase recreational marijuana for all these campfires plus gorgeous views.


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