I have ready access to a cannabis dispensary

I am so glad I moved to the downtown area.

It was a little expensive, so it was a risk, but I knew if I lived closer to the center of town I could make up the difference in my other expenses.

For example, in my new house I no longer need a car. Everything I need, including my job, is within walking distance. That means no more car payments and no more car insurance! There are a lot of other advantages, too. For example within two blocks I have three bars, two nightclubs, and a cannabis dispensary at my disposal. In the past I haven’t been big on enjoying the nightlife, or on going to a cannabis dispensary. I was always too afraid of getting hammered and then having to drive home, but since that’s no longer an issue I have turned over a new leaf. These days I stop by the cannabis dispensary two or three times a week, just to pick up a little treat for myself. I never buy an ounce of cannabis, but I will buy a few grams, or perhaps a tasty cannabis edible. After a cannabis edible I might wander down to the tavern and enjoy a few cocktails before walking back home. Cannabis helps to reduce my stress levels, but I also think that getting rid of the car made a major impact on my life. A car is just one more thing to worry about, although I guess that’s easy for me to say because I have a cannabis dispensary within walking distance.

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