Reunion comes with plenty cannabis products

I don’t mind telling you that we had the best time ever thanks to a stop at the marijuana business around the corner.

Wait, that’s not what they call that place. It’s a cannabis dispensary is what they call it. This is all sort of new to us as is enjoying recreational marijuana. When we were growing up, marijuana was in its heyday but we were all super straight back in those days. So when we got what’s left of the gang back together for a college reunion, we didn’t play it so straight. I live in a region where recreational marijuana is legal. Since it was legal, my wife and I decided to give sativa and indica products a whirl a few years ago. We found the experience to be life style changing. Up to that point, we probably leaned on alcohol a little bit too hard when it came to social and entertainment value. Now that we’re in our 70s, taking care of our health is a much bigger priority. And alcohol just doesn’t do a body good. So we were really pleased to find an alternative in cannabis products. There’s no hangover and we’ve learned just the right amount of marijuana edible to consume. When we hosted the college reunion, it came with a group visit to the local cannabis spot. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun with those people with less drinking in my whole life. It was a wonderful weekend and many of our lifelong friends went away with a different perspective on marijuana.

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