Some cannabis makes people more agitated

Some people have an issue calming themselves down.

  • They’re not good at self coping mechanisms that others learn just by navigating the world.

Sometimes it helps to have parents that are willing to teach them as well. It’s easy to imagine how an orderly nervous and neurotic parent could instill those same behaviors in their children subconsciously. On the contrary, if parents could teach their children how to deal with stress in a calm and acceptable manner, the kids are going to be much better off dealing with adversity in life compared to their peers. My parents were definitely not the worst when it came to these trades, but I still have problems from time to time with stress. I get a lot of beneficial effects from cannabis. There are certain strains of cannabis that are really good at calming me down when I’m stressed out. However, there are some strains of cannabis that make my stress and anxiety worse. There aren’t even specific sativa strains that give me so much anxiety that I start to become agitated. I’ve seen people get agitated on cannabis, despite what other people would commonly assume. Hearsay from people claiming that there’s no way a person could act with violence or anger while they’re under the influence of cannabis. Unfortunately, there’s so many different types of marijuana up there in different types of brains to experience it, you can’t say for sure what is going to happen with every single batch of weed. While indica strains are typically more calming than sativa strains, this is not always the case. I have been agitated on a handful of Indica strains before.


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