I can listen to rap or rock in my car

I have worked as a delivery driver for a marijuana service for many of the last 8 months.

I absolutely enjoy that task a great deal.

Everyone is paid a superb wage plus everyone of us receive good tips as well. Every one of us have a boss that is flexible plus the guy gives us off any days that we will request. When I don’t deliver cannabis, I get to toil by myself in my own vehicle while listening to the rock plus roll music that I absolutely prefer. There are particular radio stations inside of the dispensary and they play the same song list over and over again all day. The radio station has no commercials and is absolutely made for the people that would be coming to a cannabis dispensary. The rock and roll music selection is pretty good however the same Rock plus roll or repeated every day. I think the words to every single song plus I even know the order in which they will be played. When I have Rock plus role playing in my own automobile, I absolutely enjoy my job plus don’t have any problem at all doing the deliveries. My bestie believes I play Rock + roll too loud but there doesn’t seem to be any reason not to play loud music when I am the only person in the car and I am delivering marijuana products. My bestie just wishes that she could have a job like I do and I know that she would love to work at the dispensary with me and deliver goods just the same.


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