Hybrid strains yield a middle of the road experience

I started to develop yearly anxiety symptoms once I got to school.

I eventually started to see a campus therapist, and we determined that these anxiety complications were latent.

It was clear that I had been suffering from anxiety since an early age. I even had symptoms as early as 4 years old based on my own recollections. The earliest way my anxiety manifested was in seeing people in public and making eye contact with them before assuming they were staring at me with intent. Every single time I made eye contact with a random stranger, I would worryingly think that the person was targeting me in some nebulous sort of way. My mother remembers it clearly and has told me about it on more than 2 different occasions, luckily my anxiety symptoms have improved over the years, especially after I started using cannabis medically when I was in school. I couldn’t undoubtedly go to a canvas dispensary back then because cannabis was still illegal in my state. Luckily cannabis is now legal for medical and recreational use, so I can go to a cannabis dispensary whenever I want. As far as ideal cannabis strains are distraught, hybrid strains often help my anxiety the most. A lot of people tell me to use indicas for anxiety, however the problem is that so multiple of them are heavily sedating that it undoubtedly worsens my mild depressive symptoms. Sativas are phenomenal for depression, however sometimes they can get way too racy like caffeine and will aggravate my anxiety. That’s why I like hybrid strains of cannabis so much because they are a little bit of both.


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