I can deal with my condition thanks to legal cannabis

I just don’t like the fact that there are people out there similar to me who don’t have the access to medical marijuana that I do.

This just seems unfair and on top of that, there are a lot of people with PTSD who are self medicating with alcohol and that seems to be okay.

I’m well aware of what the effects of trauma can be on a person’s life. I came back from serving my country with a severe case of PTSD. Early on, I dealt with it by isolation and numbing myself. All I wanted was to not have to relive what I had witnessed and just escape. I turned to alcohol which is one of the worst things I could have done, but it gave me the numbing comfort that I need yet it was destroying my health and relationships. Finally, I listened to reason and started reading the medical marijuana information my sister kept bringing me… She was a pretty serious proponent of medical cannabis and getting it legalized in our state. So she knew what she was talking about when it came to medical marijuana facts. The more I read, the more intrigued I became entirely. So when I told my sister that I was ready to start therapy and begin using medical marijuana, she was right there for me during the whole process. Of course, she knew just how to get a medical marijuana card. She got me right through all the marijuana regulations so I could access the cannabis dispensary. Both the cannabis flower products that I’m using as well as the group therapy have been instrumental in tackling my PTSD issues. Still, while I’m thankful for my improvement, I just wish all people in all states had access to a cannabis dispensary.


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