We just got a local cannabis spot

I wasn’t sure if the rumors were really true. Toward the end of summer, a commercial building in our end of town started construction. Of course, there were all the folks who speculated that it would be more high end apartment. But there were those of us who have been in this neighborhood forever who hoped otherwise. And we got our wish when a coming soon sign went up. We were getting a local cannabis spot. I was overjoyed by the prospect of being able to simply walk down the street to go shopping for marijuana. Both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana have been legal here for some time. However, the closest cannabis dispensary was a couple of buses away. While I was overjoyed that we all at least had access to cannabis products, it was a haul to get over there and back. When you live in a city the way I do, the neighborhood is the community where you want to spend your money anyway. So now we have our very own marijuana business. And not only that but they also put in a cannabis cafe in one corner of the building. It’s awesome because they have some of the best cannabis edibles that I’ve ever enjoyed. The cannabis dispensary itself is also first rate as there is a wide variety of cannabis products and all kinds of selections. I’ve seen some hybrid strains at this cannabis business place that I’ve just discovered. So not only do I get to walk to my local cannabis spot. But I get to go to a cannabis dispensary that is first rate and has a cannabis cafe.


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