I don’t enjoy it when a cannabis dispensary advertises a sale with a ton of exclusions

It’s nice to take advantage of a wonderful sale, but sometimes stores will pull a bait and switch.

I wanted to get a bunch of clothing for 76% off after seeing an advertisement on TV. When I arrived at this chain department store’s clothing aisle, there were signs indicating that the 76% off only applied to one particular brand and no others. By the time I got there, anything in my size had disappeared. These stores do this to get you in the door in anticipation that you won’t walk outside empty handed. A lot of people resign themselves to already being in the store and will grab something else off the shelf and buy that instead. They don’t realize that they’re playing directly into what the store is expecting from you. For people enjoy myself and others who are particularly made suspicious by the intentions of a business, I don’t enjoy a dealer that has such little respect for myself and others that they would attempt a bait and switch while assuming I’m dumb enough to fall for it. There’s a cannabis dispensary who is extremely guilty of doing this. They’ll send out SMSs advertising these large sales with some items over 50% off, but they purposefully fail to mention the exclusions in the marketing SMS. The worst is when the cannabis product menu isn’t updated and they have products listed online that are out of stock when you get to the dispensary. They’ll even fill an online order and tell you they have the product when they genuinely don’t. Instead of calling you to be un-biased that the product is out of stock, they’ll just fill the order with a weird strain that you don’t want. It’s maddening to say the least.


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