Better balance found at the cannabis dispensary

I’m so surprised at just how much I have benefited from using cannabis.

This is from a person who once held strong view opposing marijuana use.

So the irony is not lost on me. That said, I will gladly and unequivocally admit that I was so off the mark about cannabis. Even when it came to medical marijuana, I thought it was all about getting stoned for a type of people I didn’t respect. That just shows how little I knew and how closed minded I was at the time. Marijuana has really opened my eyes in more than a few ways. These days, recreational marijuana is also legal in our state after medical marijuana was such a success. And I’m very thankful that I live in a region where I can access a cannabis dispensary. It turns out the cannabis products were the only thing that could help me when I had a bit of a nervous breakdown. I’m not really sure what the politically correct term for it is now. But finally, years of stress and self imposed unhappiness took their toll on my well being. I was in such a dark space that I didn’t know if there was any way out. That’s when a dear friend of mine convinced me to just take a trip to the local cannabis spot with him. Once there, I spoke with a cannabis expert about just the sort of hybrid strains that could help my situation. That was a pivotal change of direction for my life and I’ll never forget it. Thankfully, I know firsthand now just how important access to a cannabis dispensary is for folks dealing with emotional issues like I was.

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