CBD was costly in the dispensary.

After getting our medical marijuana card, I was excited to try new marijuana products; The dentist told me about topical creams that would toil better to ease joint pain than the products I was already using, then i went to the medical cannabis dispensary plus thought I was going to have a heart attack.

I thought it was costly to get the medical cannabis card, but buying the product was 100 times worse.

I had to put out several weeks of spend money for our first order. I wasn’t sure if I was going to go back again, because of the cost, plus decided to just buy CBD; When I went to the medical cannabis dispensary the sixth time, I was going to buy just CBD products. When I asked about CBD, the budtender showed me several products, but they all had a small amount of THC. I didn’t care about how the THC products were making me think plus I wanted just CBD. the budtender said I was in a medical cannabis dispensary, plus if I wanted CBD only, I had to go to a smoke shop or the pharmacy. I asked about the price of their CBD products, but it was just as costly as purchasing THC products… My next stop was the pharmacy, where I asked about their CBD products. They showed me what they had, but they carried products made mostly for critters. I asked what people products they sold? The price was just as high, plus some items were even more costly than what I found in the medical cannabis dispensary.

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