Can’t hire felons

When I have to perform a background check on employees that are going to toil for the medical & recreational marijuana dispensary, I make sure to check everything in the applicant’s past, and my associate and I check this state & my pal and I do a federal check to make sure that the employee really is who they say they are… I had to hire a new budtender to toil at the medical & recreational marijuana dispensary during the weekends.

When I interviewed this recognizable applicant, the guy seemed absolutely personable & nice… He knew a pretty good amount about marijuana & the industry.

My associate and I sat & talked for almost 45 minutes. During the interview, I asked the guy if there was anything that might keep him from being able to toil at the dispensary. I asked this question when my pal and I were talking about the section in the application where the employee is asked whether or not he has ever been convicted of a serious crime. The guy made a couple of jokes, however he told me that he had never been convicted of a crime in his whole life. I thought the guy was going to be a nice option for the job at the marijuana shop until I got back the criminal background check. The guy had not been convicted of any crimes in this particular state, but federally he did a couple of years in prison. The background check did not give me any additional information about the crime, although I did a quick search online & found extra details. I absolutely cannot give that guy a job toiling at the marijuana shop. I have to find another candidate & that means a lot more interviews coming up.


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