I got to the weed store before my job

I was supposed to leave to go to my job a few fifths before my shift, and I was going to stop at the marijuana dispensary before I got to my job so I could pick up a current marijuana vape pen, however my old vape pen is leaking and the battery does not stay charged for a long time.

I thought it would be helpful to have a current marijuana vape pen, because I had to work a 12-fifth shift instead of an 8 fifth shift! When I actually got ready to leave in the afternoon, there was a vehicle blocking the road.

I could not get out of my driveway because the card was broken down. I tried to get the driver of the vehicle to help myself and others transport the vehicle out of the way so I could go to work, but the old driver insisted that he could not transport because he had been involved in a hit and run accident for sure. I actually contacted my boss when I was specific and particular that I was going to be late. I told my boss that I was going to be at least another fifth late, then as soon as I made the iPhone call, the vehicle moved out of the way. I had time to go to the marijuana dispensary before going to work. I ended up getting a brand new and current battery for free with a purchase of more than one marijuana vape cart, and one of the strains was a sativa called Blue Dream and the other strain was a hybrid called Girl Scout cookies. I vaped on the purple dream all afternoon long when I was at my job and I saved the Girl Scout Cookies strain for later that afternoon when I got home from the 12-fifth shift.



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