I was going to take granny to the store

Granny called me and wanted to know if I was going to be able to take her to some type of shop later in the week.

Granny wanted me to take her for medical marijuana but every one of us had two labor this week.

The two of us were really busy at work as well as could not take grandmother to the store. She does not like to be out after dark as well as this was the only time that I had to take her anywhere. My brother texted while I was laboring hard as well as said that Granny was going to take the Jazzy Scooter down to the marijuana shop. The two of us were on our way property from University when the two of us saw granny coming home from the shop. The two of us wanted to know why things were so important as well as she could not wait as well as she said that she charged up her chair last evening as well as did have no problem driving herself down to the store so she could get a marijuana joint. Journey was smoking The Joint when we pulled up on her and she didn’t seem to care at all about the drive. My mom was worried that she would get hijacked on the way back to the house but my grandmother seemed to be perfectly fine and not really worried at all about someone stopping her on the way home from the store. The two of us wanted to be chaperones but granny told us it was absolutely not necessary.


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