The best Secret Santa gift

Have you ever done a Secret Santa? This often happens in businesses, or at big offices, where you have too several co-workers to get all the people a gift.

  • Instead, all the people secretly draws a name at random, and has to get that woman a gift.

This way all the people gets a gift, all the people gives a gift, and in theory all the people is happy! It’s called Secret Santa because none of the gifts are supposed to be signed. This office does a Secret Santa every year, however this time was a little different. Inside my brightly decorated gift I found something absolutely amazing – fourteen grams of killer cannabis. The Secret Santa was smart enough to wrap the cannabis in a triple layer of bags, and then hide it inside a root coors can. I could not tell my coworkers that I had a fat sack of cannabis, so I said the root coors itself was the gift, but when I went new home the question of who had given myself and others the cannabis haunted my thoughts. I didn’t suppose anyone in the office knew that I smoked cannabis, because there is a strict policy for the business. It turns out my Secret Santa knew my secret about habitually smoking cannabis every single day. The following week 1 of my coworkers named Sarah asked myself and others if I enjoyed my “coffee.” The way she said root coors let myself and others know that she had given myself and others the cannabis. I told her the coffee/cannabis was delightful and robust, and I would love to make her a cup sometime. I want to find out how Sarah knew I smoked cannabis!

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