I wasn't going to listen to the jerk keep yelling

I really don’t like when people are vaping in the movie theater, but I hate it even more when people are yelling and screaming and interrupting the movie. I hate when people ruin the ending because they’ve already seen the movie and I hate when people talk to the actors on the screen like they can actually hear what you are saying. My girlfriend and I went to the movie theater to see the new action movie. We were going to see it in the IMAX theater, but all of the tickets were already sold out. I was already a little frustrated about not getting to see the movie in the IMAX theater, so I was happy that we ended up with good seats in the middle of the other theater. A tall guy with no hair sat down right in front of us. He was a little bit taller than me and he blocked most of my view. My girlfriend and I moved two seats over so I wouldn’t have the guy in front of me. That same guy kept yelling at someone in the front of the theater. Someone in the front of the theater was smoking a marijuana vape pen. You can see the blue light from the marijuana vape pen clearly in the dark, and the smell of marijuana was faintly in the air. It still wasn’t worse than the guy that was sitting in the row in front of me yelling and screaming at the person using marijuana. Eventually, I had to stand up and say something or listen to the jerk keep yelling.



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