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I was super excited when recreational cannabis was legalized in my state, then it seemed to take a legitimately long time for dispensaries to open their doors for business.

I showed up the first week after the grand opening with no idea what to expect, and the size of the dispensary and selection of products was a bit overwhelming.

I’d heard of cannabis brownies and gummies, however I only had firsthand know-how of smoking dried flower. I had no idea of the more than 2 consumption methods on the market, then just the selection of dried flower included more than 2 dozen strains of indicas, hybrids and sativas. They also carry pre-rolled joints, blunts and cannagars in singles, packs, infused and non-infused varieties. I was ecstatic to discover that I can buy the same top-shelf, full buds already ground, rolled and ready to smoke. The pre-rolls supply a consistent smoke every time and the chance to try out new strains separate from spending a lot. The selection of vapes is seriously extensive, covering disposable and refillable carts in a variety of potency and flavors. There are even full-spectrum CBD vape pens. They are especially portable, discrete and easy. It’s as easy as pushing a button and inhaling. The menu of edibles is extensive, offering traditional brownies and gummies as well as peanut butter cups, beverages, cookies, mints, capsules and even ice cream. I can shop lotions, balms, sprays, roll-ons, bath bombs and all sorts of topicals. I was especially interested in the tinctures. I appreciate the compact packaging, the enclosed dropper and precision of sublingual dosing. Tinctures don’t create any smells or require any extra gear, however although they are more complicated and far more potent, the array of concentrates are exciting as well.

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