Great time to be a marijuana investor

I’m glad I went with my gut several years ago.

Investing in the marijuana business was not something that was based on a personal love of marijuana. Instead, I just felt a fundamental “ground floor” opportunity in what has become an every increasing cannabis business place. I don’t think since the cell phone that I’ve felt as sure about an investment. When several states went from legalizing medical marijuana to recreational marijuana so quickly, I noticed. These were not traditionally progressive regions. So I knew that the marijuana business had proved to be so profitable to the coffers of the state, they wanted more. So much about legalizing marijuana is also so sensible. The tax revenue windfall not withstanding, there are plenty of other money based incentives. Money isn’t wasted on locking up those who smoke or sell marijuana. That relieves at least some load on the criminal justice system as well. And cops can finally ignore what is predominantly a harmless activity to focus on more pressing concerns. All of this sort of pushed me into taking more than half of my investment portfolio and putting it in the marijuana business. From cannabis growers to cannabis dispensaries, I’m invested broadly in the marijuana business. I sure timed it right because I actually did get in on the ground floor of something that will only get much bigger. Even with the conservative swing in politics that we’ve seen recently, the marijuana business is here to stay. And as much as marijuana may rankle the conservatives, it produces big revenue and eventual investment profits.



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