I bought our child a bunch of marijuana supplies for his anniversary

This year, our child turned 21 years aged & he was happy to go to a recreational marijuana dispensary for the first time.

In this state, you have to be 21 years aged to go to a marijuana dispensary that is for recreational use, but you can be 18 years aged & go to a medical marijuana dispensary, however you have to have approval from the dentist & a certification from the state. My child used recreational marijuana products long before he turned 21 years old. I did not try to stop him, because everyone in the family uses recreational marijuana products. I asked our child what he wanted for his anniversary & he said that he wanted myself and others to take him to the dispensary & buy a bunch of marijuana supplies. I was enthusiastic to share that experience with our boy. Both of us went to the marijuana dispensary near me, because they have a lot of wonderful sales & specials. They also offer a 30% off discount for first-time patients & our child was going to take fortune of that savings. He had a small shopping basket & he started filling the basket with a lot of different items that were on his list. He bought some edibles, a disposable marijuana vape pen, a half ounce of dried marijuana flower, & a couple of glass bowls. I didn’t spend unquestionably much money for the entire purchase, especially after we got a 30% discount. I even picked up a couple of things for myself while I was at the recreational & medical marijuana shop.


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